• Global Private Equity Firm, with two decades of investing, growing and establishing successful companies.

  • Specialized in acquisitions of assets to complement our global luxury portfolio. Commercial Real Estate, Hotels & Resorts, Golf Courses, French Vineyards, Design and Branding.


Younan Company was founded by Zaya S. Younan in 2019, Chairman and CEO of Younan Collection and Younan Properties, and it seeks to create long term value, based on higher standards to lead to higher results. Since inception, the Younan companies have completed $6 billion worth of transactions with assets under management of more than $1.2 billion.

$1.2 Billion in AUM

$6 Billion in Transactions

35 Years+ Experience


Primary objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation, investing in companies around the world that offer luxury products and services highly desired for their premium quality.

Commercial Real Estate

Hospitality & Resorts

Golf & Leisure

French Wines

Luxury Branding

Cigars & Tobacco


Primarily focused on acquisitions of assets or independent companies that can benefit from renovation, branding and management enhancement. Leveraging expertise and experience to support organic growth and be part of a world-class lifestyle brand.

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